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Entertaining evening

Yesterday, I had an appointment with my therapist. I also needed to get some forms signed by my doctor, but he wasn't able to get to them until later that day. He wanted me to come back today to pick them up and I was willing to do that because I wanted to make sure they were signed before I left this Friday for Nova Scotia. Beth, my therapist, asked if I wanted to be put up in Lodging over night so I wouldn't have to waste another tank of gas by coming back today to pick up the forms. I agreed and was lodged for the night.

The lodging brought back memories of both Navy housing and my previous hospital stays. Why can't they make hospital blankets that will actually keep you warm?

At least my roommie was cool. He's an ex-seal and he's there for Post Traumatic Stress. Writing that out seems more scary that it actually was. He didn't talk about the war, but he did talk about the bar that he destroyed, which caused his girlfriend to drive him straight to Togus, so he could get help. He also told me about destroying the kitchen cabinets and the living room furniture before heading to the bar. His girlfriend was the one who calmed him down in the bar and drove him to the Togus VA Hospital. She was at a friend's house and came to the bar when she heard what he was doing to the bar, so she had no idea about the house until she got home that night after my roommate was admitted.

All-in-all it was a very entertaining evening. I found out more about the last 10 years of his life in one evening than I know about some people's lives that I've KNOWN for 10 years.
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