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School Daze

Wow, I just had a chat with a girl that I went to college with. She and I left the school back in 2001. She told me that she just re-enrolled and will be starting classes on Monday.

She also told me about Glenn. He was/still is the Telecommunications Technology Department Head.
Her: i wanted to tell you that Glen says hello
Me: oh cool :d
Her: (i'm enrolled by the way)
Me: Tell him I said hello too :)
Her: yeah.. he got soooooooooo excited when i mentioned that i still talk to you .. well once in awhile that i know where you were
Her: :)
Her: well you want his email?
Her: seems like he really want to keep in touch with you
Me: sure!
Her: you should've seen the look on his face.. i thought he was gay for a minute
Her: ahhahaahahahha
Me: lol
Her: you should really email him.. lol.. he misses you so much.. and make sure to put on the subject.. "please don't persuade me to go back to mt sierra"
Her: ahhahaha

Glenn had me student teaching some of his classes while I was taking the class. He wanted me to hurry up and get my degree so I could teach there at the college on a full-time basis. I miss being able to take classes. I was a Junior when I couldn't continue going there.

Chatting about the College brought back a lot of memories.
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