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A time away

I started reading back through LJ entries and had to go back to last Tuesday to find an entry that I've already read. A whole week! The weird part is that I was home and could have read them. I was stressing and anxious and was worried to write about what was going on for fear that I might jinx something and it wouldn't work out.

I'm usually not superstitious, but this time I was really freaked that something bad might happen. Whether it was the lack of anti-depressants or something else that caused my paranoia, mistrust, and other non-helpful behavior, I guess I won't really know.

I remained low on the radar and my online presence was slim at best. I spent more time on the phone than I did online. The one, and sometimes only, person that I talked with was Dan. His voice kept me grounded through this rough time.

I want to apologize to those out there that would have given encouragement or just a hug, if you knew that I was having a rough time. I'm truly sorry for not letting you in. I shut out the world when I needed interaction the most.

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