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Oh man. I've been hanging on and getting things done because they needed to be done. Now that my list has been mostly cleared, my emotions are crashing. Yesterday and today, I have started to cry for no reason. I can tell that I've been semi-manic for the last few weeks, and that was a good thing. It allowed me to take care of business. Now, I'm heading into a depressive cycle and I don't like being here.

It is clear to me now that I've just been riding the middle of the emotional road since I've been on this new medication combo. Being bipolar, I never know how long I will stay middle of the road, manic, or depressed. I'm a rapid cycler, so I can change from being manic to being depressed in a matter of minutes.

I thought everything was working out okay, but my body didn't seem to be cycling my moods as often as they usually do, so I've been getting a false status. I guess that's why the doctors go so long with one medication treatment before making judgments on their (medication) effectiveness.

I called to talk to my doctor, but he is currently seeing another patient, and the receptionist said that he is overbooked for tomorrow. She also said that I should call as close to 7:30 AM as possible to grab one of the 3 open slots for Monday. I have already set my alarm for 7:20 AM.

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