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Mom's being released?

I talked to Mom today. She said that she will be released from the hospital as soon as they can find a place to move her into. She is no longer able to live on her own and my sisters aren't strong enough to move her around. My sisters gave 30-day notice to Mom's apartment complex. Paige is trying to locate a place for Mom to live/stay. Mom doesn't have enough money to live in a private facility, so she will be going somewhere that takes her retirement check and gives Mom a $30 allowance for the month. With this, she will get meals, a bed, and whatever assistance she needs.... I hope. *crosses fingers* Paige is checking out a couple of places. She has already turned down one place. The hospital administrator said that the place smells, and is dirty. She also said that she wouldn't take her mom there. So, that place is clearly out. I'm hoping that the place that Paige is looking at today is someplace decent.

Other than that, Mom seems to be responding well enough to the dialysis treatments to be released. She seemed in good spirits, and isn't dreading the upcoming situation with the living arrangements, so I guess that's a plus. She is still my mom and I'd love to see her in a better situation, but we have to live within our means, and that is something that I reluctantly accept.

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