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Cleaning, Filing, and Growling

The management people just left. They came to do the annual inspection of the apartment building. Yesterday, everybody was busy as bees getting everything cleaned up. I just had my move-in inspection a month ago, so my apartment was fairly clean already. I just had to vacuum and dust and give the bathroom a once over.

Tomorrow I see the bankruptcy lawyer. I just about finished gathering up all the bills and statements that I need. I spent this week taking 6 large piles of papers (important papers from 1998 to the present) that needed to be filed away in the filing cabinet, and actually filed them! Now I can find stuff! Hehehe. I'll go down the list tonight and pull what I need back out of the filing cabinet that I need to take with me tomorrow. That is the easy part.

My stomach is growling and I don't feel like cooking anything. I think I'm going to breakdown and splurge for some fast food.

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