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Mom's in the hospital

Mom's in the hospital. She has kidney failure. We don't know much at this point. Her doctor is starting to run tests and the oncologist will be visiting with her today, and the kidney specialist will visit with her tomorrow.

Piper (my sister) was over at Mom's house today and noticed that she was a little yellow. Mom had been complaining of being queasy and unable to eat very much for the last few weeks, but it was the jaundice coloring that alerted Piper that something was really wrong and took her to the emergency room. All three of us kids have tried to get Mom to see the doctor, but she fought us and said that she would be fine... Yeah right.

I just finished talking to her on the phone and she sounds good. But with Mom, you never truly know how she is doing because she won't complain unless she is in major pain. The doctor came in, so I got off the phone so my mom and my sisters could find out more info.

I told her that I'd be more than happy to give her one of my kidneys. She said that she would let the doctor know that. If worse comes to worse, I may be making a trip back to California to give Mom the best gift that I could possibly give.

Mom and I have always been very close. I love her a lot and she knows it. I never fail to let her know how much she means to me.

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