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Web site Update

I just spent the last three hours formatting pages on my web site. I really didn't make any changes to the content, except for adding another item to the humor section. I spent more time adjusting table column widths and fonts than anything else.

The perfectionist in me is working overtime. Or I guess I should say I am being very anal. The slightest little thing would have me "fine tuning" until I got it right.

I'll blame it on being tired.

As I was re-reading this entry and I noticed many "trigger words." I have to watch out so I don't go manic. I should have realized it sooner, when I spent all that time "tweaking" the pages.

I can already sense the thoughts racing through my head. I need to go to bed before I can't get to sleep and I don't feel like taking any sleeping pills tonight.
Tags: bi-polar (manic-depression), website

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