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Popularity of the name Gregory

I was searching the Most Popular Baby Names link at Social Security’s website to see how popular Gregory was for a boy's name.

The name Gregory ranked:

497 in the 1900's
500 in the 1910's
375 in the 1920's
319 in the 1930's
66 in the 1940's
26 in the 1950's
23 in the 1960's
29 in the 1970's
46 in the 1980's

After the 60's, the name Gregory began slipping in the popularity ranks and continues to slip...

52 in 1990
57 in 1991
62 in 1992
67 in 1993
77 in 1994
87 in 1995
99 in 1996
104 in 1997
111 in 1998
124 in 1999
141 in 2000
157 in 2001
167 in 2002
186 in 2003

I'd like to see what year in the 60's that my named peeked the popularity list. But the Social Security site only shows averages before 1990, so I'd have to find another source for that.
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