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Outlook Problems

Microsoft Outlook will not save the passwords to my email accounts. Ever since I installed the stupid dialer program to connect to my new ISP, Outlook refuses to save my email passwords.

I wish ISP companies would inform their customers that their dialer programs do nothing more than dial. I have no problem configuring the dialup networking settings, but ALL of the ISP's that I've dealt with lately make it sound like the dialer must be installed in order to connect to their service. I have found that to be untrue. Every one that I have installed since moving into rural land has not only installed a useless frontend program to Windows' already existing capability, but the installer reconfigures many other software settings without giving the user the option of doing so, nor does the installer inform that the changes have even been made.

Now, I have to figure out what the hell this installer did to Outlook and correct it.

I spent a couple of hours yesterday trying to figure out why my 450 favorites/bookmarks disappeared from Internet Explorer's menu, but still existed in the favorites folder on the hard drive (or so I thought that all of my favorites were still on the hard drive). I have Earthlink to thank for that one. It seems that Earthlink in their wisdom, decided to copy all my favorites to a new directory under the Earthlink folder and change the favorites path to the new directory. All the links that I have saved since I moved to Maine were saved to this new directory. When I uninstalled the Earthlink software, my favorites disappeared because the contents of the Earthlink directory were cleared and the path was still pointing to this now empty directory. I went into the Registry and corrected the path, but I lost about 100 links that I've created since December, due to the fact the the links were not saved in the favorites folder.


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