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My power has the hiccups

That little power hiccup knocked out the phone that time and thus severing my Internet connection. The wind isn't really blowing that hard right now, but it is supposed to get worse tonight.

Last time the power kept going out during the day, it ended up staying off all night. We lost power around 11 PM and it didn't come back on until 8:30 in the morning. It got a little chilly in the house without the heat. I just had to pile on more blankets so my tootsies were warm.

As soon as I get some "extra" money, I'm going to take starliner's suggestion and get an uninteruptable power supply for the TV and VCR. I'm getting a little tired of re-scanning for the channels.

Oooo, I can hear the wind howling now. It would be spooky if it were Halloween.
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