Gregory Sare Landolt (gregoid) wrote,
Gregory Sare Landolt

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Nice Weather

Wow! I actually have my windows open!

It's 80° F inside and it's so nice. I almost forgot what warm weather was like. Hehehe.

I can see that I really need to clean my windows. They are filthy. I tried to find some window cleaner, but I guess I didn't bring any when I moved. I don't even have any vinegar, or I'd use some vinegar and water to wash the windows.

I'm beginning to understand how the term "spring cleaning" came about. When you remain battened down for the winter months, cleaning the outside of the windows is just not going to happen. Or at least it wasn't going to happen for me, since I prefer not to freeze myself to the building.

I can see some mold that has grown around the window sills, which I need to take care of pronto. Plus, the area between the storm door and the back door into the kitchen has become a cache of dead bugs and dead spiders. Well, There was one spider that was still alive, but now he is no longer among the living.

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