October 22nd, 2008

WebCam Greg

Dropping like flies

Our training class has been steadily dwindling down in size. The initial count was 12 people, but by the time the class started there were 8 people on the list. On the first day of class, only 6 of us showed up. And yesterday, we lost one more. It is a great small class size. With 5 people, it is more of an open forum and a lot more relaxed. I'm actually having fun.

A few of us decided to carpool to the training centre, but our other person didn't show up yesterday and since the training keeps building on the skills of the previous day, he's out of the class for the rest of the week, so now there are only 2 of us carpooling (holy crap I made that a long sentence!). We were meeting up at the store and driving from there. Now, I will get picked up in front of my apartment building. Yay! I don't have to walk that fifteen minutes to work. Actually, the walk does me good, but it's nice to get a break now and then.
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