September 17th, 2008

WebCam Greg

Interviews and a new suit

A company called me yesterday morning for a phone interview, out of the blue. They had seen my resume on-line and thought I'd be a good candidate for their business. They wanted me to come in yesterday for an in-person interview, but I told them I couldn't make it that day, so we set up an appointment for this morning. They wanted me to wear a suit to the interview since I'd be talking to management.

I didn't have a suit. My dress clothes are in storage in Maine and the dress slacks that I brought with me no longer fit. Soooo, I talked it over with Dan when he got home from work and we weighed the benefits of getting a new suit. We agreed that it was a good idea to have a suit that fit on hand anyway. So last night we went to the Kingsway Mall and picked up a suit at a clothing store called Tip Top Tailors. Read moreCollapse )

In other news, I was informed today by one of the people that I used as a referral that Homo Depot had contacted them. So that is still in the works. Right now I'd be quite happy to be working at Homo Depot.
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