August 13th, 2008


Revamped my movies pages

I did some revamping of my movies pages on my website.

I added links to IMDb for each of the movie titles. That was a huge job. I also changed the background to something more film related. And I added a movie counter to the bottom of each of the pages.

There are three pages. The main page includes all of the movies. The other pages breakdown the movies into DVD only and LaserDisc only.

I also created a games page.

I only have GameCube games on the page so far, but I'll add more later.
WebCam Greg

Lobster Sub

I tried a lobster sub at Subway. It sucked!

It was a shredded mush, very salty, not fresh, and had pieces of shell all throughout the sub.

Thank goodness I only bought a 6-inch sub. I couldn't even finish it. The $9.99 price-tag is what kept me from trying it sooner, and that was for 6-inches. The foot-long sub is $17.99.

Well, I tried it. And I can say that I will never get it again. Blech!!
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