March 12th, 2008

Computer Woohoo!

Fixed my laptop!

I fixed my laptop! I took my laptop apart and found a blanket of dust that was blocking the air flow through the heat sink fins.

My laptop wouldn't finish booting up past the memory screen. This has happened to me before and I knew it was an overheating issue.

I unscrewed the panels on the bottom of the laptop and noticed that a filter looked dirty, so I removed the heat sink to get a closer look. I found out that what I thought was a filter was actually a huge clump of dust and hair that covered the opening of the air flow path to the heat sink. I pulled off this dust blanket and brushed away the remaining dust that covered the opening and put the laptop back together.

After turning on the laptop, the first thing that I noticed was the fans were quiet. QUIET! Then they turned off after a minute. They haven't done that in years!

Now the laptop is running quiet again and also running at normal speed. And best of all, it's RUNNING!

I have taken the laptop apart before, but I never noticed the dust blanket blocking the air flow.
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