August 1st, 2007

WebCam Greg

I pressed the reset button on my internal clock

I think I reset my internal clock. I have to do that from time to time.

I couldn't get to sleep at all on Monday night. Then when noon rolled around on Tuesday, I started to get tired. I knew that my days and nights were flipped around. I didn't want that to happen. So I slept all day Tuesday. I was up for a few scattered hours, but I slept from noon on Tuesday until 6:00 AM this morning. I woke up refreshed and happy for the first time in a week and a half. The best part is that I'm not tired. So I have a feeling that I will be able to get to bed at a decent time and actually go to sleep tonight.
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WebCam Greg

No pants

It's been so hot and humid lately that I've gotten used to being in just my underwear. Right now I have a t-shirt on as well, but most of the time underwear is the only thing that I have on.

Last year I know I spent a lot of time naked. I'm not sure if that will happen this year or not. It might if the weather stays like it is.

I miss the dry heat of Southern California, but I don't miss the California smog though. I guess breathing humid air is better than breathing air that you can see.
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I've noticed that my writing lately, sucks. I don't know if it the medication or not. I seem to be writing in simple sentences...or at least they seem simple to me.

I do know that my creativity has been stifled because of my medication. The pros of my medication are outweighing the cons at this time though.

When I begin to write, I have an idea in my head, but when I put it to paper or type it out, that idea is the only thing that is there. My mind is blank after that. Just like now.
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