July 21st, 2007


The emotional roller coaster

This week has been a little bit of a roller coaster ride, emotional wise. I'm still riding high on my wedding buzz, but things going on with the family and medical appointments have me not feeling all that great. As far as the medical stuff, there isn't anything wrong, so I don't want anyone to worry. My sleep cycles are all over the place and my moods are a little out of whack.

I told my doctor that I wasn't sleeping well. He prescribed some sleeping pills, but when I got home, I found out that they are not the right ones. I had told him that the last medication that he prescribed worked great, but the actual last pills he prescribed were anti-anxiety medication and not the ones for sleeping. I guess they were the 2nd to last. So I have to try and make an appointment with him again to correct that. I thought it was strange that he asked me if they helped me with sleep. I have been on so many different medications that I can't remember which medication did what. Lorazepam and Clonazepam sound alike and I've taken them both at one time or another. So when he said the name, it rang a bell as it was a medication I was just on, so I said, yeah, that's it. I created a document on the computer to keep track of all of that for me for just this reason. That's how I knew that the medication that he just gave me was not correct when I got home and had a chance to look it up on my computer. I usually take a printout with me, but I didn't that time.

As far as my primary care physician (not the same as above) goes...he drives me nuts. I saw him today for my annual physical. The physical consists of him checking my blood pressure, listening to my heart and having me take deep breathes while listening to my chest. Then he sends me on my way home after I stop off at the lab first to have some blood drained. 15 minutes tops, and that includes the blood-work. Most of the time was spent listening to him tell me all of the places that he would like to live. At least this time he didn't go on and on about where all the gay-owned Bed & Breakfasts are in Maine that he and his wife have stayed. Yes I'm gay, but I don't need to know all the places that I can't afford to stay. Oh well, I only see him once a year.

Hmm, can you tell I'm a bit cranky?

As far as the family drama goes, I don't feel like talking about it yet.
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