April 12th, 2007

Gold Rings

Wedding invitations

All of the wedding invitations are in the mail!

That was such a big job. So many things needed to take place before they could go out. The first was setting a date for the wedding. The second was finding a place for the ceremony as well as deciding on the details about the reception. The next was actually booking the ceremony and reception site. The next was deciding on the look and wording of the invitations as well as the ordering. During all of this, the addresses of the guests had to be located and/or updated as necessary. And lastly, once the invitations arrived from the printer, they all needed to be addressed, stuffed, and stamped. I say again, it was a big job.

The only troublesome part about completing the invitations was that I was not able to stamp the reply envelopes for the invitations that went to Canada and Australia, because I didn't have stamps from those countries to put on the envelopes. That was a bummer.