February 3rd, 2007



We had some snow fall during the night. About 6 inches or so. The wind must have been blowing pretty hard because the mailboxes have been blown over. Not that surprising really. The posts were pretty rotted. I just did a double take when I looked out the window this morning.

The mail lady propped the boxes back up when she put the mail in. I got my mail as soon as she pulled out of the parking area. I didn't want my mail to end up in the snow when it fell down again. I am going to the management company on Monday to pay my rent, so I'll let them know it needs to be fixed, again.

I told them about a year ago that it was falling over and George came out and pounded it into the ground a little farther. I also asked them if it was okay if I bought some numbers to put on the mailboxes to cover up the 113 that was written on the boxes that used to confuse everyone. I wanted to put the numbers 1117 on top of the writing to cover it up. The management company said that I didn't need to do it. They would have George come out and do it. A month later, he came out and used a marker to scribble out the 113 and write 1117 on the boxes. I should have just done it myself.

Oh well. As it stands now, it doesn't really matter. The mailboxes are getting so beat to hell that they will have to be replaced soon. Which means that they will be replaced long after I'm gone.
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WebCam Greg


I was just reading about a transgendered woman (rhonda13000) that couldn't live with her penis attached anymore. So much so that she proceeded to cut part of it off so that the ER would have to remove the rest of it. Her insurance wouldn't approve any gender surgery and she couldn't pay for the procedure herself. After a psych consult and her telling the doctor in urology that she can't live with it anymore and "If you reattach it, I will take my #24 blade scalpel and slice it right back off," she got her wish and her penis was removed completely.

I can NOT imagine cutting off my penis. I can't imagine hating a part of my body so much that I could cut it off.
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