February 1st, 2007

Snow Skiing

Back in Maine, Truck repairs, and Wedding rings

I'm back home in Maine. I said goodbye to the warmish weather in Southern California and hello to the cold weather and the snow on the ground.

Yesterday, I had to call AAA because my battery was dead as a doornail. I drove around for an hour and a half thinking that would be enough time to charge the battery back up again. It wasn't. I turned off the engine at Wendy's and went inside for dinner. When I tried to start the truck, all I got was clicking. I had to call AAA again and get another jump start. The tow truck driver said that my battery might have seen its last day.

I found out something new. Batteries can freeze if not used regularly. This causes the electrodes or something like that in the battery to freeze together and that's not good. This is something that I didn't know having lived in Southern California for most of my life. Plus, my battery was 4 years old, so that didn't help either. I'm not sure if I got all the facts about the freezing effects right, because I was more worried about getting my truck to a repair shop before they all closed. It was 6:00 PM when the tow truck driver came to jump start my truck. He mentioned Sam's Club and Sears as two possible places where I could go and could take in my truck that night. I took it to Sears because I have had good luck with Die Hard batteries in the past. Not to mention that I no longer have a Sam's membership.

While I was waiting for my new battery to be installed, I went over to the jewelry department and found out my ring size. My ring size is 10.5. It was so cool to try out the different wedding bands. I was grinning a lot as I was trying them on. The one that I liked the best was the 4mm, 14K gold domed, comfort-fit wedding band. Here is a picture that I found of the ring.

I told the lady that I really liked that ring, but I don't have final approval on the ring selection. She told me that I better get used to that. I laughed knowing full well that it was true. I still grin when I think about that. I told Dan about that when I talked to him last night and he laughed too.

EDIT: starliner filled me in on the freezing effects. Thanks, Will!
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