January 8th, 2007

WebCam Greg

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Today, I took Piper to work so I could have the car. I first stopped by the post office to drop off my jury summons. I had to make a mandatory call the automated phone system first, so it could tell me that I wasn't qualified to serve as a juror since I didn't live in the County of Los Angeles. Duh! I didn't need a phone system to tell me that. I was informed by the phone system that I needed to mail back the jury summons with a copy of my driver's license so I could be permanently removed form the database. So I mailed it like a good listener.

It was weird that it arrived while I was here in California. I would have served for the hell of it, but the time frame is sometime in February, and I will be back in Maine by that time. The really strange part is that it came addressed to Piper's house and I have never lived here nor received mail here.

My next stop was to the Fun Zone to pick up some lube. Fiancé is coming to visit you know. ;)

Then I went to SuperCuts and got a haircut. Actually, I got them all cut.

On the way home I ate lunch at Panda Express. I had some Orange Flavored Chicken and Chicken with Mushrooms. Mmmmmm...good stuff. :) I never used to be a big mushroom person, but now I like the taste of them.

I then relaxed at home for an hour before I picked Piper up from work.

Now, I'm listening to piano lessons emanating from downstairs and to Herbie the hamster gnawing at the bars of his cage next to me.
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