July 22nd, 2006

Computer with an Arrow

Stuck in the airport

I'm stuck in the Phoenix Airport. We got caught in a thunderstorm while sitting in the plane at the Boston Airport. It took us 1 hours and 45 minutes before we were able to leave. So I ended up missing my connecting flight in Phoenix to Los Angeles. My next flight doesn't leave until 6:00 AM and will get into Los Angeles at 7:23 AM. I was able to call my sister and let her know that I wasn't on the flight and to go home until tomorrow morning.

I just hope that my luggage makes it. The customer service lady said that it would be re-directed to my new flight. And since the flight was already gone when we arrived, I'm not worried about it getting on that flight instead of my new one. But you rreally never know when it comes to airlines and luggage.
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