July 10th, 2005


Messed up movie

I exchanged a DVD of Hunt for Red October to Wal-Mart tonight because the movie wouldn't play on my DVD player. When I got home, I popped the new one in and this one won't work either. The same problem. It starts to play then freezes and the DVD player's logo screen appears and the movie stops playing. It doesn't even get to the menu screen.

The movie was only $7.50, and since the store is 45 minutes from my house, I probably spent $3.50 in gas exchanging it. I'm not going to keep making trips back and forth until I find a good one (If there is even a good copy there).

I'm going back tomorrow and just asking for store credit. I know their opened movie policy states that you can only exchange opened movies, but it seems that they got a bad batch of this movie. I don't see anything wrong physically with the discs, so there was probably a flaw on the master and got copied to the DVDs in the manufacturing process.

I know that it isn't my DVD player. I have 88 more DVD movies that work fine on my DVD player.
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