May 11th, 2005

WebCam Greg

New headlights are installed

I finally replaced my headlights. What a pain. I had to remove the grill to get to the screws. That was the hardest part. A couple of the clips that hold on the grill didn't want to let go. And being that they are plastic, I didn't want to force them too hard. They finally let go and the replacement didn't take any time after that. Having a good handled screwdriver allowed me to remove the rusted screws with little effort.

I'm thinking of going into town tonight just to try out the new headlights.
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WebCam Greg

Need to clean

My apartment is a disaster. There is stuff all over the place. There isn't trash lying around, but there are papers, magazines, clothes, blankets, and other "stuff" all over the apartment, not to mention a layer of dust on most surfaces.

I think the reason that I've gone so long without straightening up is because I know that no one will be coming over to see it this way. I keep telling myself that I need to pick-up the place, but before I know it, it is 11 o'clock at night and I'm ready for bed. Even now as I'm writing this I know that I should just stop typing and start cleaning, but I know that isn't going to happen. It is a combination of laziness and just not wanting to do it that keeps me siting in front of the computer.

Does anyone want to visit? That'd make me clean this place in a hurry.
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