August 24th, 2004

WebCam Greg

Errands and movies

I have to go into town (45 minute drive) and make copies.

I think I'll pick up a movie rental while I'm there, possibly "Kill Bill 2." I loved the first one! I don't think I've ever seen so much blood in a movie before.
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Butterscotch in the sink

Wild animals

I brake for wild turkeys!

I had to stop to let 2 wild turkeys cross the road. Why did the wild turkeys cross the road? Beats me. :D

I had to stop to let a chipmunk cross the road the other day. The chipmunk scurried a little faster than the turkeys did, so I didn't really have to stop.

Ahhh, wilderness. :) I even had my porch sprayed by a skunk! I guess it was the skunk's way of welcoming me to the neighborhood. ;)
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