August 22nd, 2003

WebCam Greg

Back on track

I feel a better this morning. It is possibly because nothing is going on today. I have decided not to go to my 20th class reunion cocktail party tonight and the reunion BBQ tomorrow. That will give me two more days to complete my Cisco and A+ homework. It will only take a few hours to complete, but it will take the stress off doing it.

Besides having to complete lab and workbook assignments, I need to do a lot of on-line reading. I would much rather have a textbook than an on-line curriculum. Luckily, I have the text for the A+ class and from what I have seen so far, the text and the on-line curriculum are almost identical. A couple of word changes here and there, but over all, things I can deal with. Even the flash animations are included on a CD that came with the textbook.

The bookstore ordered the wrong edition of the Cisco books and lab manuals. The lab manual is available for download from the College's Networking Dept website, but the only PDF edition available online is the DRAFT of the 3rd edition. Mrs. Coon has the 3rd edition lab manual and we quickly skimmed both and they are NOT the same. I guess a lot of changes were made between the draft and final published editions. So for now, our labs are in the air. She wants us to go ahead and download and print out the PDF lab manual. PRINT OUT! That lab manual is well over 300 pages long! There goes another print cartridge at around $25 a pop. I 'm just going to print out the labs for the chapters we are on, until the 3rd edition lab manuals arrive in the bookstore. At that time, I will purchase the Text, Lab Manual, and the Engineering Journal.

Anyways, today looks good. Homework for both of my classes will be finished today and all I will have to do is read. I don't have to go anywhere, babysit, or attend any events. My stress level has returned back to a manageable level. I also don't feel manic. That is possibly why I am able to concentrate on the tasks at hand.

* * *

It feels good to be able to write actual journal entries again, both good and bad. For a while, when I just looked at the journal entry box, it seemed like such a chore, now I can write both good and bad entries again without cringing before I begin.
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WebCam Greg

What a great day

Today was a great day. I didn't have any nagging events hanging over my head, or anything else. I canceled all the stuff I had scheduled for today and was able to spend the day talking on the phone to Dan as well as chatting with him online. It was very relaxing as well as stimulating. ;-)

I took a nap that ended up turning into a full-blown sleep. I was a lot more tired than I thought. It could be my body adjusting to the increase in medication. It could also be because I was so wound up this week that my body finally had the chance to catch up on lost sleep. Whatever the reason, I didn't expect it.

I'll spend tomorrow working on homework and getting better organized. It doesn't help at all that the books still aren't in for my 8-week class! Mrs. Coon doesn't seem worried that we don't have the material, but I would still like to have another choice besides reading the material online.

I love working with computers, but I can't sit very long in front of a computer screen reading text for hours. I don't know how some people can read eBooks. Maybe it's a generational thing. Don't worry. I won't break off onto a nostalgic tangent.

My Cisco Networking class lists a toolkit as materials needed for the class. I asked about this and it seems that we will need a crimping tool for making networking cables and crossover cables. This actually gives me a reason to purchase a crimping tool that I've had my eye on for a while. The rest of the tools I already have. I do have a crimping tool that will do the job, but... I'm in the mood to get a new toy. :D Plus, I will get to show off my new toy and get compliments on how smoothly it performs.

Wow! My mind just slipped in to horny mode. If I weren’t the one typing that last paragraph, I'd swear that there were sexual innuendos in there. :P Hehehe.

Well, I'm getting indications that it is time for more sleep. *Yawn*

Good night, all. I'll catch you dudes and dudettes later.
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