August 3rd, 2003

WebCam Greg

I'm Home!

Howdy everybody!

My flight got in at 10:30 PM on Friday. I didn't get to bed until 1:30 AM, which seemed to me like 5:30 AM because my body was still on Nova Scotia time.

Saturday was a do nothing day. I spent most of the day sleeping, updating software to the current versions, and chatting with my boyfriend and friends online. I started to make an LJ entry, but never got past the first paragraph.

I think I'm filled in on all the events that took place with the family while I was gone. We will be having a combined Birthday Party on Tuesday for some of the family members, so I'm sure I will catch up on anything that I haven't already heard.

I want to thank pty again for picking me up at the LAX airport Friday night as well as taking me to the airport when I left on my wonderful vacation. I hope the trip didn't aggravate your swollen/broken leg too much. SEE A DOCTOR!

I also want to give a big thanks to kirkhfx for allowing rogonandi and me to spend the night at his apartment when we visited Halifax during Pride.

I finally sifted through all my email. Now I need to respond to them. I also sorted my snail mail and I need to pay bills today. I think I will just keep my eyes closed as I look at the balances on my credit cards. Hehehe - That should be a good trick. I had such a great vacation that I don't mind the amount of money I spent. It was well worth it!

I'm going to write another entry that tells about my wonderful trip. I will place it behind an lj-cut to spare those of you that are not interested in my doting, smushy, love filled ramblings. :-D

I missed all of you so much.
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WebCam Greg

My take on Nova Scotia

Going to Nova Scotia, Canada was one of the best trips that I have made in a long time. It was very relaxing and most of the people that I've met seem to have a laid back attitude. I did see the occasional a**hole on the highway who thought that the speed limit was posted for those that were trying to park.

Since there are a lot of two-laned highways, you can spot the a**holes quickly. They are the ones that attach themselves to your bumper until it is clear (or not clear) to pass you. Coming from Los Angeles, I was not intimidated by these Cling-ons. I only wish that I had my truck and not a rental car. I could've shown them what happens when you tailgate a truck with a real bumper. I have to say though, I didn't see one accident while I was there.

Dan and I ended up driving all over the Nova Scotia province. Here is a list of some of the places we ended up visiting: Halifax, Cape Breton, Sydney, North Sydney (I kept getting on the wrong road and ended up coming back to North Sydney.), New Minas, Kentville, Kingston, Sackville, Greenwood, Peggy's Cove, Yarmouth, and Middleton.

I saw trees and grass everywhere. Not just some trees, but trees so densely packed together that you can't see through them. After a while, it became strange when I would come upon a field that was open with crops growing instead. I don't know if that land had to be cleared first or not. All I know is that if they had to pull all the trees first, that would have been a LOT of work.

Since my view of Canada was limited to the Nova Scotia province, I really don't know what the rest of Canada is like. I do know that even Halifax--the biggest city in NS--felt like a college town to me. All and all I really enjoyed my visit. I couldn't live in Nova Scotia though; even with Halifax, it is too small for me.
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WebCam Greg

My time with Dan

Dan and I spent all of our time together, except about a total of 14 hours when he would play Dungeons & Dragons. I came to know Dan very well. We ended up becoming comfortable with each other. All he needed to do was make a comment or gesture and I knew exactly what he was thinking, or very close to it.

And yes, for those of you who are good with counting, Dan and I stayed together in a wonderful Austrian Inn. The Inn was owned and run by an Austrian couple and there were two girls that were from Austria doing their apprenticeship by working in the Inn for the Summer. When Dan and I checked in, the owner asked us if we wanted a room with 2 twin beds or 1 queen-sized bed. Almost in unison, Dan and I said, one queen-sized bed. Hehehe - There was no doubt from the beginning that we were a couple.

Oh...if anybody is interested in owning an Inn, they are looking to sell and move back to Austria. They have a 4-year-old girl and want to have more children, but raising kids and managing an Inn is just too much to juggle.

I am missing certain things that Dan and I have shared when we were together. I miss being able to caress his back with a gentle touch, feeling his soft skin underneath my fingers and the palm of my hand. I miss kissing the back of his neck, as we would lie spooning in bed. I miss his gentle as well as passionate kisses to my mouth and lips. I miss feeling his arms around me while we would cuddle, and most of all I miss the closeness that we felt just being next to each other.

I have realized that my love for Dan is pure and unconditional and not lust or a passing phase. You hear people say that you will just know when you have found the "One." Well, I just know that Dan is the One. He is my Mr. Right. Distance is not a problem. It hasn't been so far and I don't see it being a problem in the near future. We know that we will eventually be able to be together and this distance is temporary.

Dan is the love of my life. He makes me so happy and he helps me in ways that only improve my life. We have had our differences and sad/upset times with each other, but if we didn't I'd be worried. I love Dan with all of my heart and soul. He is my wonderful and special CG (private nickname). ;-)
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