May 15th, 2003

WebCam Greg


Ever since my medication change back in November, I have had little twitches, not bad, but annoying. They usually happen when I'm making small motor movements, like turning my head slowly, moving the mouse, or clicking the mouse buttons. Sometimes when I do one of these small motions, my hand or head will jerk or twitch. The most annoying is when I'm surfing a website or playing a game.

I don't think anyone else has noticed these little twitches or jerks, but I'm finding that I'm getting more self conscious about it because I don't want anyone to notice.
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WebCam Greg


The water boils.
The air becomes thick.
The animals keep their distance.
A fog covers the land.
There is something evil on the rise.
No place for shelter or to hide
It's alright.
Don't be afraid.
The sinister echoes are mesmerizing.
Lulled into a false sense of security
It's here
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