February 10th, 2003

Blue Sweater Greg


Amazing what a good night sleep can do. Okay, I needed a little help to fall asleep, but now I'm in a very good mood. I'm actually chipper. That is pretty amazing since I am NOT a morning person.

My self-pity is gone as it should be and I'm once again happy and content. How can I not be? I have a great life, wonderful friends, a supporting family, and a terrific loving guy who warms my heart.

All I have to say is:

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    chipper chipper
WebCam Greg

damn msn messenger

all this time i thought msn was letting people know when i've been idle. i set it for 10 minutes and checked the box. what else to i need to do. oh, i bet i know. i didn't pay homage to the ms gods.

notice: if you 'im' me on msn and i don't respond, chances are that i got called away from my computer without setting an away message 'myself' and msn didn't mark me as idle.
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    aggravated aggravated
WebCam Greg

(no subject)

i want to do everything, but can't get a single thing done.
i have 3 doctor's appointments, but only remember making 2.
i have an itch that wont go away.
i need to make a 4th appointment to have a doctor look at this itch.
i can't sleep, but my doctor prescribed sleeping pills for this reason.
i am having anxiety thinking about chatting.
i have noticed a slow down in my lj entries and commenting.
i am tense.
i have a headache.
i have no idea why i'm writing this list.
i want to be...a lumberjack....