February 7th, 2003

WebCam Greg

This is a first

I was woken up this morning not because I had to use the bathroom, but because I was freezing. I went to get another blanket and HAD to check lj. :-) Now I'm bundled up in my chair with my legs curled up all cozy. I don't feel like getting up and going back to bed. I turned the heater on, but even when the room heats up I still don't think I'm going back to bed. I'm just too comfy here.

Update: I just checked the outside temp. It is 38 F/3 C. I know that isn't cold for most of you, but here that is very cold!
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WebCam Greg

Underwear Poll

Poll #99986 Underwear

My nephew what bugging my sister to buy him some boxers because all his friends were wearing boxers, but after a few days, he switched back to briefs. I'm curious to find out what the popular underwear is. What kind of underwear do you prefer?


What brand do you like the best?

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