February 3rd, 2003

WebCam Greg

I Need a Vacation

I need a vacation. I can't believe how stressed out I am. I don't have anything going on, yet I'm feeling very stressed out.

I just need to kick it with someone for a while. A friend that I have known since elementary school has offered me an open invitation to come and visit him in Phoenix, Arizona. I might just take him up on that offer.

I need to get away.

I know what it is. I'm isolated from my boyfriend and that has me feeling trapped. I feel like I need to travel and get away from here. There is a downside to traveling though. I could possibly be cut off from contact with my boyfriend. That is not acceptable at this time.

My boyfriend and I are still in the budding stage of our relationship. We are discovering more and more about each other and love spending as much time as possible with each other. I was cut off for two whole days from being able to communicate with him last week and we were both going stir crazy.

Question to all: How can I feel like I'm on vacation without really going anywhere?
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Young Greg

Don't wait

  • When you trip and fall, do you lie there waiting for someone to come along and help you up?

  • When you are lonely, do you just wait for someone to find you?

  • When you are down, do you wait for someone to cheer you up?

  • When you need help, do you wait for someone to notice that there is something wrong?

  • When you are afraid of hurting someone, do you keep your problems to your self?

  • When you have accomplished something, do you keep from sharing it because you think you are bragging?

  • When you are happy, do you think that no one will care?

  • When you mess up, are you afraid of letting others know about it?

  • When you die, will anybody truly know who you were?

I have done all of these things in my life. The last item scared me and I realized that if I don't help my self and reach out and let others know how I'm feeling, my obituary will read, "Gregory Sare, died."

I don't want to be alone, afraid of what others think, and lying in the dirt waiting for a hand. And I don't want to be unknown when I die.
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