January 24th, 2003

WebCam Greg

To do list

Today, the only thing I have planned is to get a haircut. Actually, I plan to get them all cut.

Things that need to be done, but might not get done today

  1. Make CDs with all the back up files from my sister's old computer. All the files are currently sitting on my laptop.

  2. Do laundry

  3. Clean the computer table

  4. Repack the boxes that go in the closet

  5. Pay bills

  6. Deposit a $10 check

Things that I would like to do

  1. Transfer my going away party from VHS tape to mpeg

  2. Find and install a good webcam program that I can run from my computer instead of having to upload to a server first

  3. Install Winamp

  4. Buy a new hands free headset for my cell, so I can leave one in the car and leave one by my computer

  5. Hook up my other scanner

  6. Connect my cordless cameras

  7. Buy and install a cigarette lighter in my truck, so I can recharge my cell and connect my laptop

  8. Warm up, I'm freezing

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No Email

Grrrrr, my email server is down. I can send but not receive. My entire gregoid.com server is down including the email server. I hope they get it back up quickly. Since I use a different SMTP server for outgoing mail than my gregoid.com server, I can still send email.

Whenever one of my services goes down, I feel like one hand is tied behind my back. This also mean that I don't get any lj notices, since they come to gregoid@gregoid.com. I guess I'll be re-scanning the messages to see if a new comment has been left. I apologize in advance if I miss a comment.

In this case, no news if definitely not good news.
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WebCam Greg


I have to take my mom to some places. I'm not sure where I'm taking her yet. I will get my hairs cut while I'm out though.
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WebCam Greg

Mail server update

This is the info on the main page of my domain host:
Update: A cable is cut in California, between Tracy and Fremont. The whole Reno area is disconnected from SBC. We are waiting for more news, and when it comes we'll post it here. As of 6pm friday, the cut was cause by a drilling rig under the highway near Tracy, Ca. They are in the process of trying to reroute traffic. As of right now there is no estimated time of repair.
Here is a link on SBC status line right now, this is a ATM line that serves the Reno area. http://tools1c.rcsntx.sbis.net/cgi-bin/status/st-detail.cgi?component=dsl&state
Looks like I'll be without mail or my website for a while.

That's a bummer. :(

lol - I just went to the link they provided. The status on that page says, "Impaired." It might be an impairment to SBC, but it is down to me. Get my mail back up! I wonder how many emails I'm going to lose because of this?

You can send me a text message if you want to send me a message.
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