January 15th, 2003

WebCam Greg

The Boob Tube

I've been lazy all day. I started watching TV while I was eating lunch and ended up lying on the couch all afternoon watching stupid shows. Now I know why I don't watch very much TV anymore.

I'm also very bored. *sigh*

After dinner I guess I'll clean up around the computer. I know I'm really bored when I start cleaning up just to do something. :-)
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WebCam Greg

Kactus Kyle

I think Kactus Kyle has been hogged tied. He might have been mistaken for a city slicker. I volunteer to be part of the posse to go searchin' for him. Yeeha! Round 'em up!

Yo Kyle! Where you be? I hope you can jump online sometime soon and let us all know what has been going on or at least just let us know that you are okay.

Miss you a bunch.
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