January 11th, 2003

WebCam Greg

"Let's just be friends."

Okay, this is my entry to rant and whine. (You are probably saying, "What's new?")

I have been told by two different guys in the last two days, "Let's just be friends." Hey! That's a new record! Can I go for three?

Let me see, I'm feeling hurt, down, pissed off, angry, and confused.

There must be something wrong with me. The majority of the people that I meet, both men and women, tell me that I would make somebody a great husband someday. I want to know what decade "someday" falls in? This sucks!

I want a boyfriend. I want someone I can hold and cuddle, someone I can kiss and caress, someone I can share my love with, someone I can share my life with, and someone who will stay with me even after we have a fight.

I might as well be talking to the moon for as much good as it will do me. I'm just friendship material, nothing more. It's okay. I love having friends. I love making new friends. I just have to be satisfied with reality. I can dream for a boyfriend, but realize that the most I can obtain is friendship.
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WebCam Greg

If I were...

If I were a blanket, I could keep you warm at night.
Caress you with my softness and hug you oh so tight.

If I were a beam of light, I could help you see your way.
Light you in your darkest hours and shine all through the day.

If I were a tall oak tree, I could shade you from the heat.
Provide an endless source for climbing and protect you when you're beat.

If I were your friend, I could help you from a jam.
Provide support when you need it, cause that is who I am.

Since I am a friend, I give my hand to you.
If you decide to take it, I know just what to do.

Your friend,
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