December 12th, 2002

WebCam Greg

From my heart

To all the people near and far,
I'd like to say how special you are.

You have filled my life with laughter and tears
and I hope you continue for many years.

As time moves on my feelings for you grow.
Your friendship means more than most will know.

I love the hugs. They're such a treat,
even when you stand on my feet.

I don't say it often, but when I do,
it comes from my heart and it's meant for you.

I'm a romantic, this much it true,
so with a warming heart I say, "I Love You."
WebCam Greg

Shadow is no more

Just in case you were wondering what happened to my gregs_shadow journal, I deleted it. I just don't need it anymore. It served its purpose.

It is now time to say bye bye.

Bye bye, gregs_shadow journal. *waves*
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WebCam Greg


I feel so helpless when online friends are hurting and they no longer want to talk. It's not like I can go over there and find out how they are doing. I have to sit and wait for them to come back online or receive an email letting me know how they are doing.

Tonight a great friend is thinking about severing his connection with the online community. I am saddened by this decision. I hope that he decides not to wipe out everything. He is a great guy and I know there are many people that will hate to see him leave. Out of respect for this person, I will not mention his name.

Please don't cut us off. I would really hate to see you go.
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WebCam Greg

Gay jump rope rhyme

I was singing jump rope rhymes (yes I'm weird) and I wondered what a gay jump rope rhyme might sound like. This is what I came up with.

My bootie's hot. My bootie's tight.
The rest of me is outta sight.

With six-pack abs and a cute butt,
my boyfriend calls me a big slut.

He is the cutest boi I know
and wow can he put on a show.

And when I see those dancing hips,
I run right up and kiss his lips.

How many kisses can I get?
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