December 10th, 2002

WebCam Greg


I'm now babysitting my nephew Noah. My sister just dropped him off 15 minutes ago. I only have him until 12:30 when I take him to school.

This evening, I get to babysit his sisters, my nieces, from 4:30 to 6:30, while my sister takes Noah to see his psychiatrist.

Are we having fun yet? *moan* I just want to go back to bed!
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WebCam Greg

Winter in Southern California

The wind is blowing. The palm trees are swaying. The sky looks like an artist streaked the sky lightly with a brush of white paint. The sun is shining, but not with an intense shower of heat and light. People are walking around in coats and jackets in the 65 degree F. temperature. The pine trees, eucalyptus trees, and many other varieties of trees are displaying a nice green color. All of these indications mean that it is Winter in Southern California.

So Cal has seasons. You just have to look closely. We may not have the snow like our Northern cousins or fellow states, but there is a feeling that we all seem to feel. Ahh the Holidays.

The Holidays! A time where every store is filled to capacity with fellow neighbors. Oh what a thrill it is to get to spend hours in line with them while you buy your single pack of batteries.

The highways and freeways are a place to catch up on sign language skills or practice your car horn concerto. Oh look, the guy next to me wants to give me a hug with his car. Isn't that nice? Now he is in the spirit of holidays. Oh, I hear Christmas coming from somewhere. It is coming from that lowered Honda Accord 15 cars ahead of me. Wow, how thoughtful of him to play his music loud enough for all of us to enjoy.

I love the Holidays in Southern California!
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    "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire" by Christmas Songs - Nat King Cole
WebCam Greg

You can take it.

Tomorrow morning I get pricked. hehe Then I have to pee in a cup. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I hate peeing in a cup!
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    "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" by Rockapella