November 25th, 2002

WebCam Greg

Webcam tested

I can honestly say that the webcam works great. After making one slight adjustment in the settings, it worked like a charm. I gave the webcam a good workout and I gave myself an even better workout. hehe. I worked up quite a sweat! lol. There is someone in LJ land that saw a little more of me than my blue turtleneck shirt. lol.

Wow! I went from being camera shy to being an exhibitionist in one day. What a difference a day makes. :-)

Now, I wonder what kind of trouble I can get into with the digital camera? lol

Oh, new toys are so much fun!
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WebCam Greg

Carpet Cleaning

I’m just waiting for the carpet cleaners to get here. They should be here any time now.

My mom doesn't want to track dirt from her wheelchair tires onto the damp carpet once they're done, so we will be running errands for a couple of hours to give the carpet some time to dry.

I'm going to take my Digital Camera with me, so I can play with it a little. Okay, so I can play with it a lot! hehe.

Later Dudes and Dudettes! :-)
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