November 23rd, 2002

WebCam Greg

Okay, let me try this again

I wanted to write something yesterday, but I just felt crappy. This new medication that I'm on is making me sluggish as well as being bitchy. I have still been chatting, but when I tried to write an entry, I just stared at the screen. I seem better this morning.

A little giggle:
Steve says: I’d offer you fruitcake, but you probably wouldn't like me anymore
Greg says: that's right
Greg says: you can offer, but I don't think I'd accept
Steve says: fortunately, msn messenger doesn't have a button to transfer fruitcake
Greg says: well that is a plus! hehe
Greg says: The only fruitcake I like comes with a penis attached
Steve says: would your bakery be located in West Hollywood?
Greg says: LOL

Looks like I could be in for a win fall as far as the money situation goes. I got a letter from Social Security about my disability claim. Seems that I have been eligible to receive benefits since November of 2001 (last year). They are checking right now to see if I had received any benefits that might reduce the amount they would give me. Since I didn't receive any benefits, it looks like I could get a check (or in my case a direct deposit) for $8,463.00 hehe. I didn't calculate it or anything. ;-) But now that I've counted my chickens before they hatched, they will probably find some way to reduce that amount.

If in fact I do got the money, I plan to pay off all my credit cards and buy a laptop. I have wanted a laptop for so long, but couldn't afford one without putting it on one of my credit cards. I'll have to start "window shopping" for one just in case the money does arrive.

My new webcam/digital camera arrived yesterday. I'm still playing with the settings, so it will be a few days before I'm ready to expose myself to the rest of the world. The installation was really easy. I just put the CD in and no problem. The camera does really well in low light, which is great because I spend most of my online time at night without any lights turned on. The only time I turn a light on is if I have to read something that is not on the computer screen. I haven't tried to take any pictures yet. I'm still playing with the webcam part. I will probably take some pictures today to see how it works out. since it is a combo camera, it doesn't have an LCD screen to check how the pictures turned out, but that's okay. If I find that I'm using the digital camera part a lot, I will invest in a good digital camera.

Now that I have a digital camera, I will take a picture of the neighbor's pool that I keep talking about. Too bad I didn't get a picture of the hotties. Another bummer is the pool is looking like it won't take too much longer to complete. Oh well, at least you can get an idea.

Well I off to see how much trouble I can get into with my new toy.

Later dudes and dudettes!
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WebCam Greg

AOL IM Warnings

I hate AIM warnings. This person that I don't even know starts chatting with me and then sends me a warning. I asked him why he did it and he sent me another warning! WTF?

Now I'm up to 40%, oh wait it is down to 38% warnings. Who thought up that stupid system?

Well I blocked him and his other persona (both the same person and both warned me). Stupid shit.

Keep on the lookout for LewserCOREBass, LewserCoreGuitar, and his fag hag, meaning1essme.
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WebCam Greg

Human Jungle Gym

I was bored, so I went over to my sister's house for a while. After being there about 30 minutes, Noah (my 4 year old nephew) decided it would be a great idea to launch himself from the overstuffed chair onto me. I just caught the movement out of the corner of my eye and reacted without thinking to catch him. This was not the first time he has done this, but this was the first time he jumped without giving me any warning. Well, since it worked the first time he had to do it again and again.

After about the 10th time, Kylene (my 16 month old niece) decided she wanted some attention from Uncle Greg as well. So I picked up Kylene and held her in my right arm while Noah still continued to jump and be caught with my left. On the second Noah-jump while holding Kylene, I decided to just hold Noah too instead of letting this continue. I then began to throw them both in the air, as high as I could with two kids in my arms, and catch them again. Kylene thought it was the funniest thing and was really laughing. Noah, being older, wanted me to toss him higher. That was very hard to do having the other hand and arm occupied with his sister. I did manage to toss them about a foot in the air. I lost count after 20 tosses, which was fine because this little game, while fun for the kids, was tiring me quickly.

I set both of them down and Kylene grabbed on to my leg and wanted to be picked back up while Noah ran around and got back into jumping position on the chair again. I was able to handle Kylene, but ADHD Noah, didn't (couldn't?) stop. Finally I made my way to the door as Noah told his mom that he was going with Uncle Greg. I had to pick him up and set him in the chair then dash out the front door. My sister Paige came over and locked the door as I held it shut from the outside. Needless to say, Noah was less than pleased.

Paige and her husband will be taking Noah to see the Lion King tonight, so hopefully he will calm down enough between now and then. I didn't have to baby-sit my two nieces, which is okay because I don't feel much like babysitting tonight.
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WebCam Greg

Fast food craving

Mmmmm. I have a craving for fast food. I wonder why I'm craving that?

I think I'll go to Taco Bell. All the real Mexican food places are already closed.
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