July 10th, 2002

WebCam Greg

New Journal Colors

I couldn't sleep so I decided to change the colors on my journal page. I think I'll call the new color scheme Chocolate Delight. I went through the preset colors and the only other one I liked well enough to use was Green/Yellow Pastels. Most gave me a headache after staring at them for any length of time. That's when I decided to put together my own set of colors.
WebCam Greg

Stuck In Neutral

I'm feeling kinda down and don't really feel like typing, but I never seem to have a record when I'm in this mood, except for my stories. I'm trying to think of something to type but my mind feels like it is stuck in neutral. Like the engine is revving, but I don't seem to be getting anywhere.

I would go to my sister's house and swim, but she is on vacation in Florida for the week. Maybe I'll take another shower instead. That sometimes helps. It is a little hard to do the backstroke and I must obey the no diving in the bathtub rule. heehee. There, I feel better already. Laughter is the best medicine.
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WebCam Greg

Shower Did The Trick

Oh boy, I feel much better. Funny how a little water can change my mood.

Now that my mind is back in gear, I remembered that I wanted to go to storage and get my pictures. I want to scan some of them now that my scanner is hooked up.

I also want to drop some things off, like my snow boots for one. Why I have my snow boots here in the apartment is beyond me. I would be very surprised if it snowed here. I have been dragging them around since I was stationed in Great Lakes, Illinois. I just hate to throw or give away a good pair of boots. So, back in storage they go.
WebCam Greg

My Niece Has The Measles

After I retrieved the photos from storage, I visited with my sister and found out that my niece has the German Measles. My sister had called the doctor earlier today and the doctor said she has the measles and not to bring her in because she was contagious. My sister has a doctor's appointment herself tomorrow, so I volunteered to baby-sit while she goes to her appointment. I need to be at my sister's house at 8:00 AM. ugggh. I'm not a morning person.