July 8th, 2002

WebCam Greg

Power Outage

Another power outage! I need to get a UPS tomorrow. I just afraid the next time the power goes out it's gonna take some of my files with it. We just had the power go out the other day. This time it happened right before it got dark, so I had to just sit in the dark and do nothing but obsess about stuff I could do nothing about. I don't have any candles in the house, so I couldn't even read. This time the power stayed off for almost two hours. By the time it finally came back on I was a veg on the couch and didn't feel like doing anything.

I finally got up and decided to do something constructive, so I turned the computer back on and started typing this entry.
WebCam Greg


I was informed by choochootwo that there was/is a brush fire around here. I hadn't heard anything about it, but she is the second person to ask about it. I also just figured out that the fire probably caused the power outage. Now that the power is back on, I'll have to check this out.
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