July 2nd, 2002

WebCam Greg


I'm in the process of connecting or trying to connect my scanner up to my computer. I have to hunt down a find the drivers again. I hope the drivers will work with Windows 2000. I have not tried to install it since I changed from Windows 98 to Windows 2000.
WebCam Greg

It works!

Wooohoo! That was the easiest installation I have ever done. With my old computer and Windows 98, I couldn't get the printer and the scanner to work together. I took a chance this time and just plugged the printer into the back of the scanner then plugged the scanner into my computer. Went online and found Windows 2000 drivers, installed them, and Yippie! they are both working!

Last time I needed to install a second parallel card because the printer did not want to work being plugged into the scanner.

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy.