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Vacuum Cleaner

I need a new vacuum cleaner. The one I have is an old (and by old, I mean it was purchased in 1981) commercial upright model. The vacuum cleaner bag is the kind that you have to unhook and shake out the contents into the trash. The fact that it is an older model isn't the problem. The bag ripped at the seam and when I turn it on, dust streams out of the rip, defeating the purpose of vacuuming in the first place. I need to get one that uses disposable bags.

It is still a good vacuum. I will attempt to sew up the ripped seam, but I am having doubts that it will hold.

I needed to empty the bag and I'm pretty sure that I inhaled a good portion of the dirt and dust that came out. I'm still coughing, and it is a deep chest cough.

I know for a fact that the bag hasn't been emptied since 1993, that was when I put fragrance beads into the vacuum cleaner bag to help freshen the smell when I vacuumed.

I couldn't believe the amount of animal fur and hair that I had to yank out of the bag. That bag holds a lot!

I was able to at least vacuum up the visible pieces of trash and dust bunnies on the floor, but I'm starting to see a thin layer of dust on top of everything. I'll go around and dust tomorrow. I don't feel like doing anymore cleaning today.

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