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Last night I finally setup all of my computers. I have been dreading the job ever since I moved. It's odd because my computers are usually the very first thing to get setup in my new place, but for some reason, just having access to my laptop was good enough.

I have been needing to get to files on my regular computer for a couple of months now, but I always found a way around the problem without the need to set everything up.

Last night I just made sure all (4 total, not including the laptop) computers were operational and could at least boot up to the main operating screen or window. This morning, I installed a new modem into my main computer. The installation went smoothly and I thought nothing more about it. I also connected each of the computers and a wireless access point to an 8-port hub.

The computers "seemed" to be having no problems accessing each other. The first thing I noticed was that the laptop was having trouble detecting the wireless network. Some of the wireless utilities could see the wireless network, but my utility to configure the Wireless Access Point wouldn't detect any wireless devices. It kept insisting that the wireless network cable was disconnected. LOL - What cable? :-D

I decided to put that problem on hold and install the dial-up software that Earthlink sent in the mail. The software is called TotalAccess. What a crock! Earthlink should have called it TotallyUseless. It is supposed to dial a toll-free number and download all the access numbers for your area or state. That would have been great if the remote computer would at least respond. After 10 times of pressing the retry button and/or restarting the software, I called tech support. I was told that there seems to be a problem and I should wait 3 hours and try again.

Hello?!!! There doesn't "seem" to be a problem, there IS a problem! And the only help he has to offer is to tell me to try again in 3 hours?!?

I decided to chuck the TotalAccess cd on the couch and just install the dial-up networking manually. Within 2 minutes, I was connected to the Internet. I'd leave it the way it is, but for some strange reason, I can't connect faster than 19.2 kbps, which is totally unacceptable. My laptop connects to the same access number at 44.2 kbps or faster, so I don't get it. I am running TotalAccess on the laptop, but I have a feeling that the slowness lies within the new modem.


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