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Mega sleep

I had a total of 36 hours of sleep. I completely slept all day yesterday. I got a phone call from Dan around 9 or 10 last night, which was wonderful. Then, after we finished talking, I went right back to bed.

I have been tired, had little energy, and have been sick during the first part of this week, so I guess my body finally just shut down, tuned everything out, and decided that sleep was the best thing for me to recharge my batteries.

I only woke up a few times to answer the phone (twice), get a drink of water (once), and go to the bathroom (once), not necessarily in that order. The last time I woke up was at 3pm today when my mom called. I felt rested and ready to get up, straighten my room, take a shower, then head out to pick up Dan's gift.

As I was driving into Bangor, I had a short conversation with myself, and at one point said, "No" out loud, then proceeded to start giggling. It startled me—in a good way—that I was in such a terrific mood.

Everyone that I talked to today, was either laughing or at least smiling when I finished talking with them. My great mood seemed to be contagious. :D Not only that, I came out to two salespeople inadvertently, when I was shopping at the Bangor Mall for Dan's gift. It felt good that they almost seemed pleased when they found out that I was gay and buying gifts for my sweetheart.

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