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I have homework!

I have been given a homework assignment to do over my Valentine weekend by my niece. :P Here is the email my sister sent me.

Hello there out in Freezing Land !!!

I can't believe you are surviving the winter.
I can bearly survive a CA winter. (LOL)

Anyway, Bryelle has this project at school called FLAT STANLEY

She has to send him to a relative or friend, and have them take Flat Stanley with them on their adventures. (Like to Canada-Hint Hint)

Anyway just find something that says Canada or Maine and stand next to it with Flat Stanley, take a picture then send back the pictures and a little letter/note telling about his adventures.

(Aren't you glad she chose you?) I know you thought you were out of school, but you just got sent back to the 3rd grade. (HA HA)

Talk Soon,

I have no idea what this "Flat Stanley" looks like or when he/it will arrive. I was told that Bryelle, my niece, addressed the letter to Uncle Greg and the only other thing on it was my street address. There was no city, state, or zip code on it, so my sister has included Bryelle's envelope inside the correctly addressed envelope. I'm guessing that Flat Stanley has to be made of paper or something like that.

I guess I'll have to take my tripod with me so I can take pictures of me holding Flat Stanley by Province signs and stuff.

Hey! I don't know how long she has to do this assignment, but I should send him to my LJ friends all over the globe. :P Then *I* could give my friends homework as well. *giggles*

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