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Mom's feeling better

I talked with Mom today. She is still sore from getting hit by a car while she was crossing the street in the crosswalk while in her wheelchair. She has been unable to venture outside since the accident because she hasn't built her nerve back up yet.

I'm glad the police arrested the girl that hit her. The 19 year old girl didn't speak English, didn't have insurance, and she didn't even have a driver's license. She was however driving an expensive sports car (I didn't find out what kind).

The Lady that saw the whole thing said the girl never even slowed down. There weren't even any skid marks on the ground. Mom was pushed 10 feet out of the crosswalk, and if she had been in a different chair, she could have been killed. Mom has been complaining about how ugly and massive her chair looks and she has often referred to the wheelchair as a tank.

Mom has since written a letter to Invacare (The company who makes her brand of wheelchair) letting them know that she believes the wheelchair saved her life.

The only damage that the wheelchair sustained was one of the foot rests was bent outwards and the switch that controls the chair to lay back was broken off. Now her chair will recline at unwanted times whenever the bare wires touch.

Mom said that the bruises on her leg and the sore wrist (from trying to stop the car) are much better.

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