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I found out this morning that none of the classes I have taken at Mt. Sierra College are transferable. That's because Mt. Sierra College is not accredited. Well, they are accredited through ACCSCT (Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology), but College of the Canyons doesn't recognize that accreditation. All this really means is that I have to college for one more year.

I have mixed emotions about all this. One the one hand I'm disappointed that I have to go another year. On the other hand, I feel as though I didn't receive the level of instruction I was looking for and don't mind retaking some of my general education classes. In either case I feel as if I wasted at least two years of my life.

[Deep thought...] Now that I've written that, I don't believe that it was a waste. I have built valuable study skills and habits which I lacked in high school. It also gave me the opportunity to improve my writing and public speaking skills. I need to think of the classes I've taken at Mt. Sierra, more as prep work than anything else. Hmmm.... Yeah, I like that. Okay, I've found my silver lining. Now I hope that my subconscious believes that as well.
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