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Surprise Party

I can't believe that my family and friends threw me a surprise going away party! I'm not surprised that they threw one, it was that I had no clue that it was happening. There is usually a slip up here or there that has me thinking that something is a foot. This time, I was totally clueless. I walked into the back of the restaurant and everyone yelled, "Surprise!" My brain was having trouble catching up with what I was seeing. I was looking at my sisters, their husbands and kids, all sitting around the table and my brain was having trouble putting it all together. It was such a strange feeling thinking that I was going to be having dinner with only Nana, and end up seeing my whole family there in front of me. It wasn't until I sat down that things started coming clear. Wow! I had been completely scammed for the last couple of days, by EVERYONE and I was stunned that they all pulled it off.

Great job! I was completely surprised!

There was a common theme with the going away gifts. The theme had to do with things that I could use in my new apartment. I received lots of spices, seasonings, bottled sauces, huge bottles of ketchup and mustard, sponges, and a "Jumbo Plunger." Hahaha! It was great! Just stocking the basic spices, seasonings, and condiments is expensive. So this was a totally cool idea and something that will come in handy.

I also received cash, which always comes in handy. Cash is still accepted, right? :P
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