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I'm moving

I'm moving to Maine in November! This crazy Californian will be leaving a cool Southern California and heading for much colder climate on the other coast.

Mom and I talked it over this morning and there is no problem. She excited for me and nervous at the same time. she has even been surfing the Net for info on Maine.

Mom and I are already getting things situated for her so she can manage without me being right here. Paige and Piper don't know yet, but they'll be called into action, if Mom needs assistance with something. I know Piper with not have a problem helping out.

For the next month I'll be packing up my stuff and staging what will remain behind and what will come with me. I'm going there blind. I have no idea what to expect, or where the heck I'm going to live. I'm scanning rental sites online, so I can get a feel for how much it will cost to rent. Tomorrow, I'm going to head over to the AAA Auto club and pick up maps, guide books, and what ever else I can get on Maine.

Why am I doing this? To get closer to Dan. Maine is the closest to Nova Scotia while still remaining in the states. That will give me the opportunity to visit, while allowing me to time to gain employment and housing in Nova Scotia.

I've begun a crash course on finding the requirements to becoming a Canadian Citizen. I think I can get a dual citizenship, but I still have to read up on how this all works.

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